Research & Development

Chhajed Foods Pvt. Ltd. has a comprehensive range of facilities to meet every customer requirement and an experienced team that constantly brainstorms to come up with unique pellet innovations, recipes and methods to delight the third generation!

At our organization, R&D is an ongoing, continuous activity, with ideas and concepts being generated, either through our own market analysis, or culled from R&D activities on other projects

Right from ingredients that go into the making of the snack pellet, the die design, the shapes and textures of the pellet snacks to their organoleptic characteristics, every new idea or process is subjected to a preliminary analysis and its feasibility evaluated by the R & D team, before it is concretized.

All R&D activities at Chhajed Foods Pvt. Ltd. are customer-centric. This enables us to respond individually to the varied requirements of our valued customers!


Chhajed Foods Pvt. Ltd. has expertise in designing shapes for snack pellets to give them visual appeal, texture and variety. Dipped shapes, themed shapes and 3-dimensional shapes in a variety of textures and surface appearances have been developed, that aim to satisfy all age groups of our market audience.


Chhajed Foods Pvt. Ltd. has perfected an array of process controls that generate optimum product texture with a flexibility to deliver the exact quality of texture that our customers require.

Bulk Density

For our wholesale distributors, bag fill is an important factor for maintaining quality. We have designed certain shapes to give a low bulk density, and hence a good level of bag fill for a given pellet weight. Further control over bulk density is offered through formulation and process control.


Our experience of worldwide markets has shown that different countries have a different approach to flavor profiles. Chhajed Foods Pvt. Ltd. takes great care in sourcing ingredients to select those that match flavors exactly with what is desired. We have enhanced our product range with varied ingredients like tapioca, cereals and others that offer a wide range of distinct flavors.

Chhajed Foods Pvt. Ltd. understands that developing new products is often a process that may require many steps and much attention to detail, a time-consuming activity that can spread over many months. Chhajed Foods Pvt. Ltd. assures you that our attention to detail and our policy of open and continuous communication with you, our customer is at the top of our agenda. We will always listen to your needs and act upon them, at every turn.


Chhajed Foods Pvt. Ltd. employs scientifically tested tools for both raw materials and semi-finished products that ensure optimum quality and perfect taste and equitable textures.


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